• Collinsville Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) - Volunteer

    Posted: 06/04/2023

    The Collinsville Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) is set up to help the city during natural and manmade disasters. The Fire Chief is the Emergency Management Coordinator and the volunteer CEMA members help make up the CEMA team during a declared disaster helping with various functions. The team is led by two long-term volunteers and supported by other selected leaders who help manage the team.

    While the primary function of the CEMA volunteers is to assist in a declared disaster, the City Council authorizes the use of members for a Mobile Support Team (MST), which is under the umbrella of CEMA. The MST assists with traffic control, street closures, fire scenes, police scenes, parades, malfunctioning utilities, and similar situations when request by the Collinsville Police or Fire Departments.

    Training is provided and no prerequisites are needed other than CEMA members must be at least 21-years of age.