• Recovery Specialist (HALO)

    Posted: 09/11/2022



    This is a full-time position based in Fairview Heights, IL.

    The Recovery Specialist implements the services as described in the program plan, including pre-program and post-program assessments and program delivery. This position will provide education on human trafficking and direct services to at-risk youth and survivors of human trafficking to individuals in Bond, Clinton, Madison, Monroe, Randolph, St. Clair, and Washington Counties; virtual services may be offered to individuals outside of the region. This position will provide life skills education, recovery support, and coping skills for managing mental health needs to individuals referred to the Healing and Loving Oneself (HALO) Mentoring Program.


    1. Provides education and activities for youth and parents, consistent with CARE principles.
    2. Provides advocacy, mentorship, and psychoeducation for individuals referred to the HALO program to support them in their recovery.
    3. Maintains written records of each pre/post-session assessment and session notes with clients.
    4. Participates in clinical case staffing as needed. Schedules clinical case staffing to assure consistent communication with other professional staff involved with the client.
    5. Maintains case records and notes in a timely and professional manner.
    6. Assures proper billing for all services provided. Keeps up-to-date, timely, and professional records at all times and adheres to all payer regulations. Complies with Medicaid Rule 140 and Managed Care Organization requirements.
    7. Works with the Clinical Supervisor to identify appropriate activities and resources to support clients.
    8. Delivers the selected education materials as described by the program plan; identifies service delivery issues and recommends strategies to resolve delivery problems.
    9. Conducts outreach to at-risk individuals for community resources and support.
    10. Meet goals as stated in the grant/ program plan
    11. Participates in a statewide task force on human trafficking and efforts within Southern Illinois & St. Louis region when requested
    12. Attends training as identified by the agency and/or funder
    13. Manages referrals and provides consultation on reports of trafficking
    14. Maintains records of referrals and program numbers
    15. Prepares program reports and monthly billings as stated in the program plan.
    16. Participates and supports additional community events as an organization representative
    17. Delivers positive youth development activities as needed in accordance with the DCFS program delivery plan and consistent with CARE Principles.
    18. Must be certified in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention and capable of performing crisis prevention and de-escalation techniques with fidelity to the TCI model. Expected to conduct TCI methods as required
    19. Will actively seek to prevent behavioral crises, de-escalate crises as they occur, and generally respond to crises in accordance with TCI guidelines.
    20. On-call participation whenever applicable.
    21. Other duties as assigned


    1. Strong organizational and time management skills
    2. Ability to engage in activities and discussions with community leaders that foster program referrals.
    3. Ability to engage youth, parents, and community leaders around difficult issues and topics.
    4. Understanding of community needs and ability to analyze data about the service site.
    5. Strong understanding of trauma and the impact on an individual, brain development, relationships, and functioning ability.
    6. Interpersonal and communication skills


    1. Bachelor's Degree preferred and 3+ years of experience in the human services field with adolescents, willingness and ability to lead large groups for extended periods of time, and/ or knowledge of human trafficking and interest in preventing the issue.
    2. Preference will be given to individuals who are survivors of trafficking and/or worked directly with trafficking survivors.
    3. Must possess and retain a valid driver's license
    4. Must possess and retain the proof of automobile insurance
    5. The personal characteristics and experiential background which enables the Recovery Specialist to provide appropriate care for children, develop positive and therapeutic relationships with them, guide them in their development, implement positive youth development activities effectively, and actively engage the Metro-East Community.
    6. Ability to receive a DCFS/CANTS Clearance.
    7. Must be at least 21 years of age

    CARE & TCI

    One of the essential job functions of any position within the agency is to align staff's performance with our overarching philosophy of CARE. All decisions, actions, communication, and performance should align with the six CARE principles (Developmentally Focused, Family Involved, Relationship Based, Ecologically Oriented, Competence Centered, and Trauma Informed). Not only must staff complete the CARE training with satisfactory participation, but staff must then put that training into practice in their everyday work.

    Every employee must also pass TCI training with a satisfactory grade in written and/or physical testing. All employees must remain current on refresher training that is provided monthly at all locations. Employees will be tested every 6 months on the physical portion, if applicable to their position. They will be tested annually on the written portion regardless of their position. If they are not current on their TCI refresher training every six months, they will be required to retake the full course. If they do not pass either test, they may be required to retake the full course. Not only must they complete the TCI training with satisfactory participation, but they must then put that training into practice in their everyday work.