• Register Nurse (RN)

    Posted: 12/14/2020

    ESSENTIAL FUNCTION OF THE POSITION: The RN is responsible for providing general nursing services for Residents of the Care Center and for acting as an advocate for Residents and/or family members.
    1)  Provides general nursing services for Residents of the Care Center.

    • Maintains up to date knowledge and understanding of each Resident’s individualized plan of care and physician orders for treatment.
    • Administers medications, treatments, and related nursing procedures as required.
    • Monitors Resident activity and response to interventions to assure positive outcome and safety.
    • Communicates with physicians and Resident Representatives as appropriate and in compliance with HIPAA regulations.
    • Follows all rules and regulations mandated by the Illinois Department of Public Health and meets/exceeds all current standards of nursing practice.
    • Participates in risk management initiatives and places a high priority on safety in all actions and interventions.
    • Motivates a high level of motivation and performance for Certified Nursing Assistant staff and other members of the care team.
    • Completes documentation as required to include but not be limited to nurses notes, medication administration records (MAR), treatment administration records (TAR), admission assessments/forms, other assessments (skin integrity, risk for falls, pain, etc.), incident reports, etc.
    2)  Acts as an advocate for Residents and/or family members.
    • Facilitates problem solving activities as needed or at the request of Residents, staff, families, guests, vendors, etc.
    • Provides active listening for Residents and family members and directs them to the proper resource (staff member) for problem resolution.
    • Documents concerns and other relevant observations, questions, etc. on the Employee Concern form and submits to administration for review and resolution.
    • Demonstrates a commitment to the highest possible standard of customer service and hospitality.