• RN, Nursery - AH OB - PRN Varies

    Posted: 10/01/2023

    Job Summary:   Provides specialized, comprehensive, evidence based nursing care to Level I and Level II neonates using the nursing process.  

    Service and Quality Standards:

    1.    Service
    Is Customer focused
        Anticipates customer needs
        Adheres to customer service standards
    Is Competent, caring and compassionate
        Treats coworkers and customers with dignity and respect
        Demonstrates competent, caring and compassionate behavior 
            to customers and coworkers
    2.    People
    Is conversation conscious
        Assures confidentiality of patient and employee information
    Is positive in interactions with others
    Is courteous and respectful
        Promotes a harassment free environment
        Inspires the trust of others
    Acts in accordance with hospital policies, meets the requirements of the code of conduct, and identifies any conflicts of interest.
    3.    Quality
    Is excellent in patient care and service
        Demonstrates multidisciplinary cooperation
        Assists in obtaining excellent satisfaction scores of feedback
    Is safety conscious
        Demonstrates safety consciousness and supports safety initatives
    Is involved with improvement efforts
        Supports performance improvement
        Seeks ways to improve systems and services
        Shows commitment to improvement efforts
        Meets mandatory educational requirements
    4.    Growth
    Is a loyal ambassador
        Demonstrates commitment to hospital mission and vision
    Is active and involved
        Supports hospital initiatives
        Champions innovation and supports change
    Is a positive role model
        Fosters team cooperation
    5.    Finance
    Is a good steward of hospital resources
        Develops/uses efficient work methods
    Is cost effective
        Conserves organizational resources

    Job Responsibilities:
    1.    Supports Patient Bill of Rights and Responsibilities, including respect of cultural, ethical,  and religious diversity.
    2.    Responds appropriately to infant security, hospital code and patient alarms, including required documentation.
    3.    Uses effective communication skills with patients, staff, other departments, physicians, families and visitors.
    4.    Provides age appropriate and population specific patient care in a safe, skillful, accurate and efficient manner to newborn, adolescent and adult populations. 
    5.    Completes documentation accurately and in a timely manner, according to hospital policy and procedures.
    6.    Assesses patient and family learning needs and provides ongoing education and evaluation.  Documents readiness to learn, teaching, barriers and outcomes.
    7.    Effectively utilizes the nursing process to ensure optimal nursing care and patient outcomes.
    8.    Engages in activities to expand and /or enhance the professional nursing role, which includes integration of research and evidence based practice.
    9.    Provides leadership and autonomy in the profession and practice settings.
    10.    Delegates responsibilities to appropriate health care team members and monitors their activity and work performance.
    11.    Facilitates and coordinates discharge planning based on patient needs.
    12.    Demonstrates proficiency in care of the transitioning and care of the Level I newborn to include:
    a.    Thermoregulation
    b.    Glucose monitoring
    c.    Bilirubin testing
    d.    Hearing screening
    e.    Circumcision
    13.    Demonstrates competency in stabilizing the Level II newborn to include:
    a.    Neonatal venipuncture
    b.    Cardiorespiratory monitoring
    c.    Bedside capillary blood gasses
    d.    Intravenous therapy
    e.    Oxygen therapy
    f.    Preparing for transport to tertiary care
    14.    Demonstrates competency in care of the family experiencing perinatal loss.


    Education Requirements and Other Requirements:

        Education Level:  Graduate of an accredited nursing program.
        Certification/Licensure:  Illinois license or eligible. BLS, NRP, and current STABLE Course     preferred.
        Experience Requirements:  Minimum of 1 year neonatal nursing experience preferred.
    Working Conditions:

    Exposure Category I:  Tasks that involve exposure to blood , body fluids, or tissues.  All procedures or other job-related tasks that involve an inherent potential for mucous membrane or skin contact with blood, body fluids, or tissues, or a potential for spills or splashes of them, are Category I tasks.  Use of appropriate protective measures is required for every employee engaged in Category I tasks.

    Physical Activity:

                                                                                                               NA          0-25%      26-75%     76-100%


    Lift/Carry                                                                                                                                 X

    Push/Pull                                                                                                                                X

    Reach Overhead                                                                                                  X

    Climb                                                                                                                    X

    Squat/Bend/Kneel                                                                                                                   X

    Sit                                                                                                                         X

    Stand                                                                                                                                                         X

    Walk/Move About                                                                                                                                       X


    The most significant duties have been included in this description.  Other duties may be assigned and the hospital has the right to modify this job description as needed to accurately reflect assigned duties.

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