• Internship

    Posted: 04/17/2022


    Hoyleton Youth and Family Services has a variety of Internship opportunities that will allow students to gain practical work experience in the area of social human services including Counseling, Mental Health, Foster and Adoptive Care, Community Outreach and Prevention, Hispanic Community Support, Therapeutic Residential Care, and Non- Profit Management. Hoyleton Youth and Family Services is now recruiting for our Summer 2022, Fall 2022, and Spring 2023 internships.


    • Students are considered volunteers and are subject to a background check, physical, and TB test
    • It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all requirements for their academic program are met
    • We accept students of all academic experience level


    • Ability to communicate effectively in writing and to prepare written and electronic documents
    • Ability to communicate orally, both in person and by telephone
    • Ability to travel to various Hoyleton locations and sites in the community
    • Ability to establish rapport with others as a requisite for healthy and therapeutic relationships
    • Ability to present oneself in an appropriately personable and professional manner to clients and staff
    • Ability to receive and utilize constructive feedback regarding performance, presentation, and relationships with others
    • Ability to be both consistent and flexible as circumstances warrant
    • Ability to effectively weigh and evaluate personal needs, client needs, and the aims and policies of the agency and to respond and negotiate these competing needs as appropriate
    • Must possess the knowledge, personal qualities, and practice skills to work effectively with professionals in other organizations and from other disciplines and to provide services in a manner that reflects understanding and appreciation of multiculturalism

    CARE and TCI Training

    • Students will need to follow the essential job functions of any position/program within the agency is to align their performance with our overarching philosophy of CARE. All decisions, actions, communication, and performance should align with the six CARE principles (Developmentally Focused, Family Involved, Relationship-Based, Ecologically Oriented, Competence Centered, and Trauma-Informed). Depending on your Internship, you may need to complete the CARE training with satisfactory participation and then put that training into practice in your everyday work.
    • Additionally, depending on your Internship you may need to pass TCI training with a satisfactory grade in written and/or physical testing if applicable to your position.

    Please complete the Internship application.