• Prevention Specialist - Substance Use Prevention

    Posted: 09/11/2022



    This is a full-time position located in Fairview Heights, IL.

    Responsible for implementation of the substance abuse prevention initiative serving Clinton and Washington Counties, including assessing community needs, developing a youth advisory council and communication campaign, and implementing a comprehensive substance abuse prevention program targeting youth between the ages of 11 and 18.


    1. Provides education and activities for youth and parents, consistent with CARE principles.
    2. Coordinates curriculum implementation scheduling; Delivers the selected curricula as described by the program model; identifies service delivery issues and makes recommendations about strategies to resolve delivery problems.
    3. Engages in assessment activities to identify the areas of most need in the target area, the current resources devoted to substance abuse prevention, and other relevant data and information about the types, frequency, and severity of the use of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco among youth aged 12 - 17 years.
    4. Recruits a variety of organizations and individuals to serve on a community coalition for Clinton and Washington County's school district and surrounding areas. Establishes coalition workgroups to assist with assessment and planning activities in preparation for the development of the strategic plan.
    5. Maintains communication with front-line staff in each program site in order to learn of concerns or issues that have arisen. Keeps the site coordinator informed of these issues and makes recommendations about resolution.
    6. Maintains written records of each pre/post-session assessment and program session as directed by the Director of Community Support Services.
    7. Meets goals as stated in the grant/program plan.
    8. Attends all training and workshops as required by the Department of Human Services.
    9. Participates in and supports additional community events as an organization representative.
    10. Assists in the development of communication campaigns to address substance use and abuse.
    11. Delivers positive youth development activities as needed in accordance with the program delivery plan and consistent with CARE Principles.
    12. Must be certified in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention and capable of performing crisis prevention and de-escalation techniques with fidelity to the TCI model. Required to conduct TCI methods as required
    13. Will actively seek to prevent behavioral crises, de-escalate crises as they occur, and generally respond to crises in accordance with TCI guidelines.
    14. Input required data into the Prevention HUB and complete required documentation as identified by the Department of Human Services
    15. Other duties as assigned.


    The Prevention Specialist functions as a role model for youth and serves as a resource for the community on issues related to substance abuse prevention among youth. The Prevention Specialist is expected to implement the CARE practice model and TCI behavior intervention techniques with fidelity and exhibit positive standards of conduct. The Prevention Specialist will be punctual, responsible, and supportive of the program; attend the required amount of training modules as required by the agency and grant funder, and attend meetings as required. The Prevention Specialist is responsible for program implementation and fulfilling the grant expectations. Other duties as assigned.


    1. Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution preferred; experience working directly with adolescents and coalitions preferred.
    2. Preference will be given to individuals who have worked directly with adolescents for 2+ years.
    3. Knowledge and/or experience about addiction, substance abuse interventions, and prevention.
    4. Must possess and retain a valid driver's license and auto insurance.
    5. Strong organizational and time management skills.
    6. Excellent interpersonal and written communication skills.
    7. The personal characteristics and experiential background that enables the Prevention Specialist to provide appropriate care for children, develop positive, therapeutic relationships with them, guide them in their development, implement evidence-based curricula effectively, and actively engage the community in substance abuse prevention efforts.
    8. Ability to receive a DCFS/CANTS Clearance.
    9. Must be at least 21 years of age


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