• Teen REACH Site Supervisor - Part-time

    Posted: 03/21/2021


    Under the direction of the Teen Reach Coordinator each Site Supervisor will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the afterschool program at their assigned school. This program is designed to enrich the lives of middle school students through improving educational performance, life skills education, parental involvement, recreation, positive adult mentors and service-learning activities. There is the ability to have a flexible schedule and only work certain days per week. Hours for this position are to be determined.


    • Work cooperatively with the Teen Reach Coordinator, other Site Supervisors, Academic Tutors and Recreation Assistants.
    • Assist with the recruitment and enrollment of participants.
    • Involve parents/guardians actively in the daily program.
    • Support tutors while on site.
    • Help schedule mentors and volunteers
    • Maintain all site records including participant files, daily plans and schedules, incidents and attendance forms.
    • Develop, plan and implement activities that meet or exceed the program requirements as specified by DHS.
    • Create a welcoming environment for participants, parents/guardians, tutors, mentors and volunteers.
    • See that all school and program rules are followed and intervene accordingly.
    • Attend and participate in all staff meetings and trainings.
    • Write and submit program reports in timely manner.


    1. Must have knowledge/experience working with high risk youth.
    2. Experience in afterschool programs and youth community prevention is preferred.
    3. The ability to work and interact with all personnel and students in a cooperative, collaborative and courteous manner.
    4. Able to build effective rapport with student population.
    5. Must have effective organizational skills, time management, and flexibility.
    6. Must have an enthusiastic attitude and energetic disposition.
    7. Support the Mission, Vision and Core Values of the agency.


    Commitment - Meeting the needs of those we serve through professional services:

    Demonstrates a clear commitment to the agency's mission by exhibiting a shared concern for team members and clientele above personal interest. Has a healthy, manageable and sustainable commitment to doing a job well and going above and beyond when it is truly required. Supports fundraising. Embraces new approaches and discovers ideas to create a better client experience. Establishes goals, clarifies tasks, plans work and actively participates in meetings. Pursues self-development that enhances job performance.

    Compassion Unconditional empathy for all.

    Listens attentively to others and demonstrates an openness toward understanding concerns, feelings and needs. Makes wise assessments and adjusts behavior and style to effectively address situation. Works effectively with people of different backgrounds, abilities, opinions, and perceptions.

    Service - Community support through professionalism, accessibility, and advocacy.

    Demonstrates a desire to serve others and fulfill community needs. Exhibits competence, good judgement, reliability, and polite behavior in order to meet the expectations of clients and the agency. Strives to provide service by means of advocacy.

    Integrity - Upholding honesty, ethical principles and moral values.

    Takes responsibility for one's own actions. Acknowledges weaknesses and easily admits mistakes. Accurately assess personal feelings, strengths and limitations and how they impact relationships. Makes sound judgements and transfers learning from one situation to another.

    Teamwork - Collaboration among programs to reflect a diversity of ideas and service delivery.

    Builds effective, supportive working relationships with team members. Reaches out to others in different programs for ideas, points out the contribution of others, shares credit, emphasizes team over self, and defines success collectively rather than individually. Seeks first to understand the other person's point of view and remains calm in challenging situations. Listens for understanding and meaning; speaks and writes effectively. Willing to assist other agency employees when they need help and willing to share ideas with others. Able to adjust behavior and style to adapt to needs of others on the team.

    Apply at https://cyhs.aaimtrack.com/jobs/517784.html