• Chamber's Got Talent 2022

  • Sherry Keith, CGT Winner Teacher of the Year

    Winner:  Sherry Keith, substitute teacher at Henning School in the Triad School District

    Sherry is a full time substitute teacher at Henning Elementary in Troy. She primarily fills in for teachers on maternity leave. She normally has three, three month assignments each year which means she can be filling in for a teacher in Kindergarten up to 5th grade. She has to adapt her teaching to that teacher’s lesson plans and students.

    Sherry is invested in her kids. She makes sure she gets to know each one personally and knows their hobbies and personal life as well. She goes to basketball, baseball and football games and other extra-curricular activities to support her students. She makes a genuine connection with her students that makes it that more difficult to leave when the primary teacher returns.

    I would add that this is Sherry’s third career having spent 20+ years as a banking executive in the Metro East and being the owner of a Residential and Commercial Painting Company in Troy. She has been teaching for four years.

  • What the Cup - CGT Winner - Small Business of the Year

    Winner:  What the Cup?
    Owners:  Jason and Sarah Tye

    What The Cup? Is a veteran owned coffee shop in Troy that focuses on putting customers first.  Their mission statement focuses on providing fast, friendly service while at the same time providing quality products.  The customers have left many positive reviews about the coffee shop and have shared what products they have gotten and about the friendly service.  The owners, Jason and Sarah Tye, are Air Force Veterans, who both served over 20 years in the Air Force.

    In addition, in the 6 months What The Cup has been in business they have focused on community service within Troy.  In May, Jason and Sarah gave 5% of proceeds from Service Blend sales to the American Legion.  In June, What the Cup? Donated 5% of proceeds of Service Blend Sales to Troy Police Department.  Additionally, What The Cup? donated $263 to the SrA Bradley Smith Scholarship fund, and helped raise $430 to the SrA Bradley Smith Scholarship Fund.  Currently, they are raising money for the Pink Ribbon Girls of St. Louis, and have helped raise over $1K thus far, with paint nite event, raffle, and will donate proceeds.  

    What The Cup? worked with Triad High School and came up with Knight’s Blend Coffee, by What the Cup?  Once a month they donate 6 gallons of coffee to the High School for the staff’s coffee bar. They also donate 6 gallons to the High School’s football game concession stand.  What The Cup? has sponsored other events to include, the Silver Creek 5K, the Triad Dance Team, the CEO program and others.

    I believe in the short 6 months of being open, What The Cup? has left a very positive impact on the community.