• Code of Honor

  • T.M.S.M C.O.C
    Timeless Model of Standards & Morals
    Connecting Our Community


    We are fearless celebrating all wins

    Building a positive energy, enhancing our culture is where it all begins


    We are professionals, hardworking and motivated

    To improvement, of ourselves and others, we are dedicated

    From us, mediocrity is unacceptable and never tolerated


    Building relationships is our aim

    Teamwork is our middle name

    Compassion, empathy, and loyalty help us win the game

    Connecting collaborative people is our claim to fame

    We are known to rally and are never tame


    Customer service served on a silver tray

    Resourcefulness earns our pay

    Timely, without delay, in every way

    Friendly….and it’s not a cliché

    Valuable to our members everyday

    Listening to everything you say

    We exceed your expectations. YAY!


    We are fair and forgiving to all!

    Kind and compassionate? You make the call!

    Generosity, integrity, and ethical…. we stand tall!

    Valuable and accepting of organizations BIG and SMALL


    Challenging the unimaginative

    Leading our communities to be more interactive

    Differentiating ourselves to become attractive

    Engaging our members to be proactive


    Perfecting an impactive vision

    Declaring a definitive mission


    Our Chamber is customized for you

    Our innovative and creative approach is our glue

    Drama free and respectful…. Is what we live up to

    Mature and accepting…. Defines our crew

    Flexible and multi-generational…. Is our view


    1. learly
    2. pen Door Policy
    3. annerly
    4. asterfully
    5. pliftingly
    6. on-confrontationally
    7. ntentionally
    8. oncisely
    9. ppreciatively
    10. imely
    11. nspirationally
    12. pinion Friendly
    13. on-judgmentally


    Educated, experienced, and knowledgeable

    Solving problems by being well planned and tactical

    Organized, supportive, and responsible

    These enable us to remain relaxed, balanced, and reputable


    To this document we have created

    We and those we attract are dedicated

    To call and be called will not be debated

    Our positive accountability must be demonstrated


    Mission Statement:

    It is the mission of the Troy/Maryville/St. Jacob/Marine Chamber of Commerce to be a catalyst of business collaboration and economic growth in the communities we serve by building relationships and delivering customized results.


    Vision Statement:

    It is the vision of the Troy/Maryville/St. Jacob/Marine Chamber of Commerce to be and ambassador, strengthening awareness, promotion, and advancement of the resources, individually & collectively, within the communities we serve.

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